Johannes Warnardus Bilders
1811 Utrecht – Oosterbeek 1890

Dutch landscape painter and draughtsman

The landscape painter Bilders was father and art teacher of A.G. Bilders (1838-1865), a representative of the Hague School of painters.

After he was trained for a short time by Jonxis he mainly worked on autodidactically painting directly from nature. He made study trips through Germany, views from the Black Forest, from Drenthe and Groningen are documented. From 1830-1833 he served as a volunteer soldier.

First he lived and worked in Utrecht, later on he moved to Amsterdam. From 1842 he often stayed in Ooesterbeek where he finally settled in 1852. In this village, also known as „the Dutch Barbizon“, an artists' colony grew up. Bilders had several pupils, one of them was the well-known painter A. Mauve (1838-1888).