Jacob Cats
1741 Hamburg-Altona – Amsterdam 1799

Dutch draughtsman and painter

Jacob Cats was the son of a Dutch bookseller who lived in Germany, but moved back to the Netherlands and settled in Amserdam after his wife had died, shortly after his son was born.

From 1760 Jacob Cats was trained as a bookbinder and printmaker by the copper engraver  A. Starre (before 1701–before 1778) and the draughtsman and etcher P. Louw (1725–about 1800). After some further studies under G. van Rossum (about 1699–1772) he worked more than three years as a wallpaper painter in the the wallpaper manufacture of J.H. Troost van Groenendoelen (about 1725–about 1794) in Amsterdam.

Then he successfully founded his own wallpaper manufacture supported by the arcitectural painter and printmaker W. Writs (about 1734–before 1786) and by the artist J. de Bosch (dates of birth and death are not known) and by J. Goll van Franckenstein the Elder (1722-1785).

Beside he gained more and more recognition as a draughtsman of landscape pictures and topographic views and as a copier of famous paintings. So he was able after a while to earn his living as an artist. He also worked as a painter, but to a lesser extent. The last four years of his living were marked by diseases.