Johann Jakob Frey
1813 Basle – Frascati 1865

Swiss painter and draughtsman

Johann Jakob Frey was a pupil of his father Samuel Frey (1785-1836). After he had studied under H. Hess (1799-1850) in Basle he moved to Paris. Here he trained himself by coping Dutch landscape paintings of the 17th century and he earned his living by restoring old paintings.

In 1834 he went back to Basle for a short time, then to Munich, where he was supported by the Swiss paintress Emilie Lindner (1797-1860). She made it possible for him to visit Rome in 1835. End of the 30s he settled with a friend of him, the painter A. Landerer (1816-1893), in Naples from where he travelled to Sicily and Spain.

He participated the Prussian expedition, led by R. Lepsius, to Egypt in 1842, but for health reasons he had to go back to Italy August 1843. He settled in Rome, married, opened a studio and started to work intensively as an artist. His studio was visited by many famous people, e.g. Frederick William IV of Prussia, and his paintings got very popular - as they are until today.