Buonaventura Genelli
1798 Berlin – Weimar 1868

German painter and draughtsman

Buonaventura Genelli is the son of the landscape painter Janus Genelli (1761-1813), whose father immigrated from Rome. B. Genelli studied under J.E. Hummel (1769-1852) and G. Schadow (1764-1850) at the academy of arts in Berlin from 1814.

From 1822 until 1832 he lived in Rome. There he was influenced by P. von Cornelius, J.A. Koch, Fr. Preller the Elder and by other artists. After a stay in Leipzig he moved to Munich in 1836. There he met the patron of art Graf von Schack in 1856, and he got several commissions from him.

In 1859 he followed an offer by the Grand Duke Karl Alexander to Weimar and he worked for him there until the end of his life, but he kept contact with Graf von Schack also.

Literature: Hans Ebert: Bonaventura Genelli. Leben und Werk. Weimar 1971.


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