Friedrich Hoffstadt
1802 Mannheim – Aschaffenburg 1846

German draughtsman and illustrator

Because his father died early, Hoffstadt grew up at his uncle's home in Munich from 1815. Hid uncle was the minister of justice Gg.F. von Zentner (1752-1835). Hoffstadt studied law in Erlangen, Landshut and Munich and worked as a lawyer in Frankfurt on Main, Memmingen and Munich.

But mainly he was interested in arts, esp. in the Gothic age, and also in the fields of drawing and illustration, writing and collecting works of art.

His most intensive creative period was in the years 1833 to 1842 when he lived and worked in Frankfurt on Main als Stadtgerichtsrat. In 1837 he married the daughter of the Frankfurt painter Karl Friedrich Wendelstadt (1786-1840).