Hendrik Kobell
1751 – Rotterdam – 1779

Dutch painter and draughtsman

His artisitic talent turned out early and already the young Kobell got drawing lessons. But his father, a cousin of Ferdinand and Franz Kobell, decided Hendrik to become a merchant. So he first worked as a nearly untrained artist only.

But he soon found his motifs in marine paintings by making drawings of the merchant ships on the Meuse river. A stay in England, sent to by his father for making trading operations for him, Hendrik used for further art studies.

In 1770 he exhibited at the „Free Society“ in London and when he came back home he decided to work as an artist only. First he studied for two years at the drawing academy in Amsterdam. There he got in contact with art collectors, e.g. Jac. de Vos and esp. with Cornelis Ploos van Amstel. Both bought many drawings from him.

In Amsterdam he also met Joh. Heinr. Wilh. Tischbein (1751-1829) with whom he started a dialogue exchanging their artistic experiences. In 1772 he made a study trip through France. Then he settled in Rotterdam, where he worked together with Dirk Langendijk (1748-1805).

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