Victor Paul Mohn
1842 Meißen – Berlin 1911

German painter, draughtsman and illustrator

From 1860 Mohn studied at the academy of arts in Dresden,  from  1861-1866 under Adrian Ludwig Richters (1803-1884). In 1866 he visited - together with his friend Albert Venus (1842-1871) - Rome, where they met another university friend, Carl Wilhelm Müller (1839-1904).

Summer 1868 Mohn and Venus accompanied Ludwig Richter on a study trip through Bohemia. From 1869 onwards Mohn took over Richter's landscape classes, in 1876 he became his successor.

In 1874 Mohn was appointed professor at the academy of arts in Dresden. In 1883 he moved to Berlin. 1897 he published his first biography about his teacher Ludwig Richter. 1905 he was appointed professor at the Royal academy of arts in Berlin.


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