Friedrich Wilhelm Moritz
1793 Canton of St. Gallen – Neuchâtel 1855

Swiss painter and draughtsman

Following Brun Moritz lived for a while in the house of his uncle Gabriel L. Lory (1784-1846) in Bern and worked for his uncle's publishing house (compare Brun, Schweizer. Künstler-Lexikon Frauenfeld, 1908, vol II, p 427).

Afterwards he stayed for a few years in Italy. After his return, in 1831, he became an art teacher at a high school for girls. From 1842 until 1855 he showed many of his watercolour paintings at exhibitions of the „Société des Amis des Arts de Neuchâtel“.

Today he is regarded as one of the best watercolour painters of Switzerland in the first half of the 19th century.