Joseph Rebell
1787 Vienna – Dresden 1828

Austrain painter and draughtsman

Rebell first studied architecture under L.J. Montoyer (about 1749-1811) at the academy of arts in Vienna, but he changed to landscape painting. M. Wutky (1739-1823), the „old Italian traveller“ was his teacher. He teached him to paint special effects, e.g. night scenes or volcanic eruptions. In 1809 Rebell went to Switzerland, from there to Milan and in 1810 to northern Italy. Here he had contact with E. Beauharnais. On his recommendation Rebell painted 13 views of Naples for J. Murat, a gift for Caroline Murat (1813 - 1815). He also was successful with seascapes in Naples - but anyway, he went back to Rome, where he lived together with other Austrian artists until 1824.

In 1819 the Austrian Emperor Franz I. took notice of Rebell during a visit in Rome and appointed him as director of the royal picture gallery in Vienna. 1826 he became an academic. With his bright and shining works of art he was very successful and he had great influence on the style of landscape painting in Vienna (compare the catalogue: Das Jahrhundert des Wiener Aquarells 1780 - 1880. Albertina, Vienna 1973, p. 14).

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