Wilhelm August Theodor Steinhausen
1846 Sorau / Lower Lusatia – Frankfurt / Main 1924

German painter, draughtsman, graphic artist and illustrator

Steinhausen studied under Eduard Daege (1805-1883), Eduard Holbein (1807-1875) and Julius Schrader (1815-1900) at the academy of arts in Berlin. In 1866 he changed to Karlsruhe where Ludwig des Coudres (1820-1878) and Hans Canon (1829-1885) became his teachers. In Karlsruhe he also met Hans Thoma (1839-1924) through whom he got in contact with the Kronberg painters' community.

In 1876 Steinhausen settled in Frankfurt on Main where he married in 1880. Four years later he moved into his own villa which was built by the architect Simon Ravenstein. The so called 'Steinhausen-Haus' was renovated in 1986/87 and it is a museum in which many of his works of art can be seen today.

Steinhausen mainly created religious wall-paintings, portraits and landscape pictures. He also made drawings and lithographs. He was influenced by Thoma and in some way also by Böcklin.

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