Johann Jakob Wolfensberger
1797 Rumlikon – Zurich 1850

Swiss painter and draughtsman

Wolfensberger first was trained in the studio of the painter and art dealer Heinr. Füßli (1755-1829). In 1817 he became a pupil of the successful painter W. Huber (1787-1871) in Naples, but he stayed there for seven months only. In 1821 he travelled through Sicily.

From 1825 he lived in Rome, where he was supported by H. Vernet (1758- 1836). In the years 1832-1835 he travelled to Athens, Constantinople, Smyrna and Troja. With the pictures he made during these travels he became more and more successful. From 1835 he lived and worked in Naples again. In 1838 he travelled back to Zurich via Rome and Florence. From 1840 to 1842 he lived in London where he also got married.

Wolfensberger was a very unconventional artist whose works of art were highly regarded even during his lifetime.


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