Abraham Bloemaert
1564 Dordrecht – Utrecht 1651

Dutch painter and draughtsman

Bloemaert first studied under his father Cornelis, a sculpor and architect, then under the Utrecht painter J. de Beer (died 1595).

Between 1580 and 1583 he lived in Paris and worked with H.I. Francken (1540-1610), by whom he got in contact with the „School of Fontainebleau“.

Back in Holland he settled in Utrecht. From 1591 until 1600 he lived and worked in Amsterdam.

In 1600 he married in Utrecht Gerarda de Roy. With her he had 14 children, four of them also became artists.

In 1611 he was co-founder of the artist's guild in Utrecht, the „Guild of Saint Luke“, which he chaired from 1618.

Bloemaert mainly painted historical and allegorical themes, landscapes, still lifes as well as animals and plants.

Bloemaert had many pupils, he gained a very good reputation esp. in France and his influence reached far into the 18th century.